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Since 2006, when vrflyer published his ‘Bromont Royal Golf Club‘ video, the ImmersionRC team have been hooked on this rapidly developing hobby. Our goal is simple, to develop products which give the wonderful sensation of FPV flight to the world. 10 years on, we are the world leader in high quality FPV equipment, and are just as passionate about the hobby as we were watching vrflyer’s video.

  • High quality video down-links

  • Reliable, long range control up-links

  • Custom Antennas

  • OSDs, and Telemetry

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Liftoff Early Access Released!

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Drone racing game Liftoff released on Steam The Belgian game developer LuGus Studios and drone manufacturers ImmersionRC and Fat Shark have just released Liftoff, a game about the incipient sport…

RaceBand Groundstations

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Since the start of Summer 2015, the ImmersionRC team has provided the support for video downlinks at some of the largest FPV Race Events. To name just three: – FPVRace28,…

Vortex FrSky X4R-SB Direct S-Bus Hookup

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The stock Vortex has support for PPM receivers, with a single-wire CPPM input. An accessory will be available shortly which interfaces directly between S-Bus compatible receivers, and the PPM connector…

Vortex LED Board Reliability

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Since the launch of the Vortex, there have been several reports of issues with the LED board on the rear of the craft. These issues seem to be divided into…