We are in the middle of a 3D Printing revolution. In the ImmersionRC R&D center, much of our prototyping involves one or more 3D printers.

Our customers have come up with all kinds of interesting designs, which we have the pleasure of showcasing here.
If you have a design that you would like to share with the FPV community, we would love to hear from you, and would like to share the project on this page.


Shapeways hosts a number of user-submitted designs which support ImmersionRC equipment. Most of these are available for order online, without the need to print at home.

EzUHF Holder Type 2

ImmersionRC EzUHF Diversity 8 Ch. Holder

ImmersionRC UHF Case

ImmersionRC 5.8 Patch Antenna to GoPro mounting

ImmersionRC 600mw Protection Case


Thingiverse doesn’t provide printing services, but does provide the 3d files for free download, for printing at home (or sending to a 3d printing service).

Direct Sale

Some of our retailers design 3d printed products around our equipment making it easier to use or extending the functionality.

EZAntenna v2 Tracker / Ground Station £4.99