Adding a Microphone to the Vortex 250

By February 9, 2016March 22nd, 2017Uncategorized

The Vortex 250 PDB supports the connection of an external microphone, via the ‘Mic’ port, CN9. A second connector, the Ext. Tx connector may also be used (see the cable below).

The connector is a 3-pin Molex Picoblade, with compatible connector part number 051021-0300.

Compatible pre-crimped cable assemblies may be purchased as Mouser Electronics, Molex part number 06-66-0013.

The three pins provide a +3.3V supply, and an input to the Audio Left-channel, follow the markings on the PCB for the pinout.

For compatible microphones, check the following suppliers:

RMRC Mini Mic
Supplied without cables, three pre-crimped wires listed above are required. Micro Microphone
Note that this mic is pre-cabled for the Vortex family, using the alternative 5-pin vTx port.