Vortex OSD Control of Camera OSDs

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The Vortex OSD present in 150 and 180 Mini quads has a feature which emulates the joystick used to control the embedded OSD in certain cameras used for FPV.

To support cameras other than the one that we ship with, the following procedure may be used to set the voltage levels.

How to tweak levels

Since OSD each level can be tweaked separately.

The menu allowing to tweak the levels is located in:

Vortex Menu>Advanced…(*)>Cam Advanced Setup…

(*) Advanced menu is located on the 2nd page of Vortex Menu

Camera OSD Control was working before upgrading to

The fix is simple, you should just set the levels as they were before the upgrade, see levels in Table 1.

Camera OSD Control was not working, is still not working or if it’s working sometimes

You will have to tweak the levels a bit. The first level to tweak is indeed Select Voltage. You should first decrease Select Voltage by step of 5 mV:

and check if Select command start working:

If it’s still not working after you decrease by 50 mV, it means you should increase Select Voltage to fix the control. So go back to initial value and start increasing value by 5 mV until you get it working.

Repeat the same procedure for Up, Down, Right, Left if needed.

Default levels(*) for FS Race CAM FPV

< OSD >= OSD
Select 1625 mV 1650 mV
Up 775 mV 775 mV
Down 0 mV 0 mV
Left 1200 mV 1215 mV
Right 400 mV 385 mV

Table 1

Levels(*) for Foxeer 600TVL CCD Mini

Select 1595 mV
Up 775 mV
Down 0 mV
Left 1180 mV
Right 390 mV

Table 2

Levels(*) for Run Cam Swift

Select 1465 mV
Up 715 mV
Down 0 mV
Left 1085 mV
Right 375 mV

Table 3

(*)You may have to tweak these values a little bit if they don’t work at first, refer to procedure described above to adjust level