Version 1.52 of the EzUHF firmware is now available as a beta download.

Changes include the following:

– Increase JR module binding reliability

In the past, there was a slim chance that the binding operation would not correctly center on the transmitter’s signal. This could result in reduced range.

– Change bind button behavior on EzUHF Transmitters

Instead of waiting until the R/C Tx has started emitting PPM before the bind request is detected, the button state is recorded as soon as power is applied to the module (when it beeps for the first time).

– Add Rx identification support for UPSTAT clients (Vortex, XuGong v2/Pro)

With this change the client can detect whether a single, or dual antenna receiver is connected. In the past, when using a 4 channel Rx for example, two RSSI values would be shown. Only one will be shown in the future for this case.

– Tweak the servo center values slightly to increase compatibility with multirotor flight controllers.

In the past, a center value of 1492us was generated, instead of the more precise 1500us.
NOTE: This change may require servo offsets to be tweaked slightly on fixed-wing models. Check carefully before launching!

Download the zip file with the firmware images here.

EzUHF Firmware v1.52 Beta