7 Sept 2020
First Customer Release

– Release to production, 7 Sept 2020


6 Oct 2020
Minor Release

– Add idle frames to SRXL-2 protocol to avoid failsafe after 50ms of missing packets
– Add Rx GHST protocol, ready for integration into Betaflight
– Reduce Ghost Tx boot time to <100ms (power on to packets transmitted)


1 Nov 2020
Minor Release affecting long range, and GPS rescue flights, but not racing

– Fix issue in Normal RF mode, when the link is lost for several seconds, and the Ghost system didn’t reconnect when the Tx came back into range (or Tx was turned back on).
Recovery time from Tx off is now < 250ms in Race and Pure Race modes, < 500ms in Normal mode.


5 Nov 2020
Recommended release for anyone using SRXL-2 as an Rx Protocol, especially for longer range flights

– Second attempt to work around the 50ms failsafe in the Betaflight/iNav SRXL-2 driver (this time successfully)
– Cosmetic change on the Tx side to hide LQ/RSSI channels from protocols that pass them directly (not requiring a channel)


(Planned Release, Mid Nov 2020)

– Add support for a remote user-interface using Lua in OpenTx radios
– Add support for the new Atto Duo receiver
– Add support for Betaflight telemetry for Battery packets (Volts, Amps, mAh consumed)
– Add Support for Betaflight LQ, RSSI (dBm), and RSSI(%) without using aux channels (LQ in % on OSD with range 0-100%)
– Implemented X-Lite module User Interface
– Fixed occasional (rare) blank OLED when binding, or updating
– Cleaned up OLED display, added up/down carats to show more pages, smaller fonts for channels page
– Update latency calculations to reflect the actual FC packet duration (including the much shorter GHST packets)
– Rework vTx control menu to make more consistent