First Line Support: Retailers

The first line of support for ImmersionRC products, whether it be a technical question, or a repair issue, is always our network of retailers.

The combination of local-language, compatible time-zone, and close proximity to the customer make this the preferred solution.

Peer Support: Forums

The fast growth of the FPV hobby was due partially to the multiple online forums which support FPV.

If a quick search doesn’t turn up an answer, post a question. Peer support at any time of day or night is often the fastest way to get questions answered.

ImmersionRC has a worldwide team of experts who monitor selected forums, and can assist with any equipment-related question.

The forums that we monitor include:
FPVLab – Our preferred forum, FPV subforums

For warranty support which retailers cannot handle, or equipment repair due to the occasional crash, the email address is the place to go.

P.S. Please remove dirt and grass before shipping to reduce weight 🙂