Team IRC Racing

Team IRC Racing competes in the Drone Champions League with a selection of top pilots from all corners of the earth.

Sponsored Pilots and Teams

In addition to Team IRC Racing, ImmersionRC is proud to sponsor some of the best FPV Drone Race pilots on earth.

These pilots help us during all phases of product design and testing (especially testing), and have one important mission… to ensure that the product leaving our factory will bring endless smiles to our customers.

ImmersionRC pilots have competed in most major drone racing events to date, including the well publicized Drone Nationals in California, Summer 2015, Dubai 2016, MultiGP International Open 2017.

Think you have what it takes to become an ImmersionRC Sponsored Pilot?, let us know!, send us some of your best video footage.

Junior Team Pilots

Most of the ‘grownups’ involved in the FPV hobby today grew up around toys which didn’t even take batteries.

Today’s youngsters have grown up in a world surrounded with technology. iPads, Computers with internet connections, YouTube, and some extremely interactive games.

These same kids when exposed to the FPV hobby, and especially FPV Racers, do extremely well, far better better than us ‘old folk’, and with learning curves which make your eyes water.

ImmersionRC challenges the FPV ‘Drone Race’ community to let your kids play with your ‘toys’, see how they do (and don’t be surprised when they leave you in the dust :-).

Think you have an exceptional Junior pilot in the family?, let us know, we are always interested in sponsoring young talent.