Vortex OSD Control of Camera OSDs

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The Vortex OSD present in 150 and 180 Mini quads has a feature which emulates the joystick used to control the embedded OSD in certain cameras used for FPV.

To support cameras other than the one that we ship with, the following procedure may be used to set the voltage levels.

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Tramp HV Inrush Voltage Protection

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The ImmersionRC Tramp HV was released in late 2016, and has proven to be a solid performer in the FPV market.

As with any product release, we monitor carefully reports of failures, and with the help of our repair centers, dig down to find the root cause of these failures.

By far the most common failure mode for the Tramp HV to date has been voltage regulator damage due to voltage spikes on the battery wires at startup. Read More

EzUHF SBus Low Latency Beta firmware

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What it’s all about
When flying fast and agile mini-quads, the time to transmit control information from remote to flight controller plays an important role. Latency in the transmission forces you to anticipate every move and has an impact on the precision on the race track.

RaceBand Groundstations

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Since the start of Summer 2015, the ImmersionRC team has provided the support for video downlinks at some of the largest FPV Race Events.

To name just three:
FPVRace28, in Chartres, France, with over 108 pilots racing over two days
HobbyKing Weekender, in Domaine du Planet (CEMA), France, with ~50 pilots
US Nationals, in Sacramento, California, with over 100 pilots Read More

Vortex Arm Alignment

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One issue reported by some early-adopters of the Vortex is ‘Yaw Slippage’. This doesn’t affect many quads, but for those that are affected, the information below should help to diagnose, and resolve it.
This is a fairly long document, for an executive summary, scroll to the bottom. 

There are several reasons for yaw slippage, including PID/FC parameters incorrectly set, center-points of the radio incorrectly set, and one which will be discussed here, the alignment of the motors. Read More

The 3D Print Zone

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We are in the middle of a 3D Printing revolution. In the ImmersionRC R&D center, much of our prototyping involves one or more 3D printers.

Our customers have come up with all kinds of interesting designs, which we have the pleasure of showcasing here.
If you have a design that you would like to share with the FPV community, we would love to hear from you, and would like to share the project on this page.

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