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Vortex 150 – Updates & Errata

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Congratulations on your Purchase!

We would like to start by congratulating you on your Vortex 150 purchase, and thank you for your support. This blog entry is created to help customers get up to speed with the latest changes, developments (and erratas) related to the 150.

First Things First – Blade Version Default Tune

This one is a bit embarrassing… we shipped one of the top racers (Chad Nowak, FGA) to China to personally test and tune the first 150 off of the production line. Chad tuned the quad, and his tune is stored in the pro-tunes memory of the quad. It is, however (the embarrassing part) not the default tune when the quad is first run through the wizard.

So.. even if no other changes are made, please load Chad’s pro-tune (labelled FGA), it will be a lot more ‘locked in’ than the default. Read More

Introducing rotorSENSE

By Product Launch
Anyone who has hooked up a brushless motor to a model will understand how to reverse the motor direction. With rotorSENSE we hope to change that.

On cabled systems with plugs, just swap any two wires. On systems with soldered motor wires, get the iron out and desolder any two wires, and swap them.

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