Anyone who has hooked up a brushless motor to a model will understand how to reverse the motor direction. With rotorSENSE we hope to change that.

On cabled systems with plugs, just swap any two wires. On systems with soldered motor wires, get the iron out and desolder any two wires, and swap them.

For more recent ESCs, get out the programming card, or the PC-based programming tools, to make the swap.

At ImmersionRC we’d like to change this. With our new rotorSENSE equipped ESCs, used in the upcoming Vortex mini-quad, the only programming tool required is a finger.

Power up the quad, and spin the prop in the desired direction. Wait for the beep, and spin again, in the same direction.
The ESC remembers the learned direction, so this only needs to be done once.

Interested in implementing this other ESCs?, go ahead, there is no patent pending, just please drop us a note, advertise the feature as ‘ImmersionRC rotorSENSE’, and the inventors will be happy.