From time to time we come across some videos, shot using our products, which we just have to share. This page contains some of our favorites.

This one shows some impressive flying-skills in what must be most FPVers dream location.

It also shows a pilot who is pretty happy with the robustness of the Vortex Race Quad.

‘Concrete Jungle’, by Phil Fraybott

A video shot by one of our sponsored pilots. An idyllic location to fly miniquads, and showing some top-notch piloting skills!

‘VORTEX : Low riding under the trees’, by Laurent Lombard

A little slice of Australia, filmed during Chad’s testing of the Vortex. We are still not quite sure how he does it, but we are sure glad he does!

Chad was the proud winner of the US National Drone Racing competition in Sacramento, California, in July 2015.

‘Vortex (Home Track Advantage)’, by FinalGlide Aus (Chad)

The US Drone Racing Nationals, 2015, through the eyes of the HobbyKing media crew.
A first-of-its-kind event, bringing together talented pilots from all continents.

ImmersionRC Supported the event with our ‘RaceBand’ Video Downlinks, and Race Event Groundstations.

‘2015 US National Drone Racing Championships’, by HobbyKing