iTelemetry for iPhone

Live Google/Apple Maps tracking of your aircraft in the palm of your hand! Another innovative and unique product from ImmersionRC. The iTelemetry interface for iPhone requires no external hardware to decode the EzOSD/TinyTelemetry telemetry data.

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FPV + SmartPhone Fusion

To have a SmartPhone in your pocket while FPVing is common these days. To have live telemetry, and the model’s position on a map is not so common, but possible with ImmersionRC’s iTelemetry solution.

The only iPhone application for FPV use
Compatible with EzOSD/TinyTelemetry, and XuGong v2/Pro OSDs
Simple cable connects the iPhone to an A/V receiver
 Plane position shown live on the phone’s display
 Use as lost model finder

Moving Map

The telemetry link between the model, and the Smart Phone enables the display of the model’s position on a moving map.

Maps centered on the pilot (smartphone current location), launch location, or the model’s last known position, are all supported.

Recover Lost Models

In the FPV Hobby, there is not much worse than loosing your model .

A model tracked with an antenna tracker has a very high probability of being found after an unexpected landing. The last known GPS coordinates, and altitude are displayed on the LCD, and are even preserved when groundstation power is cycled.

Enter the last known coordinates into the iTelemetryFPV (or Android equivalent) application on your smartphone, and follow the map to the model.


Essential Specs, User Manuals, Firmware & Downloads


Retail Price ($USD): FREE, download from the App Store
Initial Release Date: Jan 2010
Compatibility: All iPhones/iPads to date


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(Unofficial – Full & final testing may not have been carried out on beta release firmware, use with caution!)

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