Introducing rotorSENSE

By Product Launch
Anyone who has hooked up a brushless motor to a model will understand how to reverse the motor direction. With rotorSENSE we hope to change that.

On cabled systems with plugs, just swap any two wires. On systems with soldered motor wires, get the iron out and desolder any two wires, and swap them.

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RF Range Demystified

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Once the initial euphoria of the first FPV flight has passed, one of the first questions that enters a FPV newcomer’s mind is ‘how far can I fly‘.

In the FPV world, the answer to that question boils down to the performance of two RF links, the uplink (control), and the downlink (video).

This document will attempt to demystify RF link range calculations, boiling them down into some easily understandable blocks.

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A/V Receiver Sensitivity Defined

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So just about everyone and their mother lists ‘sensitivity specs’, but try to find how they measure them… and what they mean by ‘sensitivity’.

There is no industry standard definition of receiver sensitivity, especially when it comes to analog video reception. Terms such as MOS (Minimum Operational Sensitivity), and MDS (Minimum Detectable Sensitivity), are thrown around in military circles, but exactly what they mean in our world is not clearly defined.

Just to illustrate this, here are three different definitions of sensitivity, which can vary from one extreme to the other by more than 10dB in a typical FPV A/V receiver.
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