How We Got Started

Back in 1975, a member of the ImmersionRC team, 5 years old at the time, found a dusty book in a school library. ‘Danny Dunn, Invisible Boy‘. A book which ignited a spark which grew for the next 35 years.

The fictional Danny was the first FPV pilot, flying the ISIT (Invisibility Simulator with Intromittent Transmission), a dragonfly-like probe, which could be piloted with a telepresence helmet.

Little did the book’s authors know that their imagination would one day become very much a reality. This is what drives the ImmersionRC team, a boyhood spark, which was never extinguished.

Bromont Royal Golf Club

Since 2006, when vrflyer published his ‘Bromont Royal Golf Club‘ video, the ImmersionRC team have been hooked on this rapidly developing hobby. Our goal is simple, to develop products which give the wonderful sensation of FPV flight to the world. 10 years on, we are the world leader in high quality FPV equipment, and are just as passionate about the hobby as we were watching vrflyer’s video.

2022 Merger with Orqa d.o.o.

After more than a decade of producing high quality, innovative products for the FPV market, ImmersionRC has merged with Orqa d.o.o, a rapidly growing European drone components powerhouse.

All existing ImmersionRC products will continue to be supplied, and supported, and the ImmersionRC roadmap will continue without significant changes.

The merger creates a powerful new European force in the drone industry, and we are extremely excited about what the future might bring.

For more info:
Orqa and ImmersionRC Merger Press Release