Ghost v1.0.4.0 Release

The second major update to the Ghost system, integrating months of feedback from some of the top pilots in the FPV world.

New Features:

  • Race500 mode, with a lower full-system latency than any other commercial system
  • PureRace rate increased from 250Hz to 300Hz (unidirectional, no telemetry, using LoRa)
  • Solid250 mode, designed by racers, for racers, for a previously impossible 100% LQ even during major events
  • Add CloneID support to allow a second transmitter to share the ID of the master
  • Switch to 12-bit data for the primary flight channels
  • Massive improvement in vTx on/off performance for all Tramp integrations
  • Massive decrease in Rx inter-packet jitter (now <10us standard deviation)
  • Add GPS telemetry
  • Dramatically reduce startup times for all modes (but especially Race250) when previously used RF mode is still selected
  • Greatly reduce bind issues with all receivers
  • Greatly improved PWM mode failsafe. No default failsafe now before first set
  • Restrict available vTx channels to legally available options according to the selected region

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix telemetry lost (and link reset) when backing out of OLED menus just after binding
  • Fix menu navigation issues
  • Improved bind-time calibration for the Atto Duo (much lower packet loss)
  • … and many more …

Recommended OpenTx Versions:

Official v2.3.13, install with the OpenTx companion.

This OpenTx build fully supports the GHST protocol, with fully integrated responsive Ghost menus on the OpenTx LCD display (no Lua scripts required).

Recommended Betaflight Build:

Option 1: Betaflight v4.2.6, public build. Use SRXL-2 protocol for the best performance (but without telemetry).

Option 2 (preferred): Latest development build of Betaflight v4.3. This includes the high performance GHST protocol, which in turn supports telemetry for RSSI %/RSSI dBM/LQ %, and main battery voltage, current, mAh. Also includes GPS coordinates, altitude, etc.
Install using the Betaflight configurator, Expert mode, Development release.
Ensure to also use the latest betaflight configurator build if the GHST protocol does not appear in the serial rx type dropdown.

Recommended FlightOne Build:

FlightOne has not yet had a stable public release since Ghost support was added. According to the FlightOne team, any recent beta build of FalcoX will be 100% compatible with Ghost.

Recommended iNav Build:

iNav 3.0.0 includes full support for Ghost, including GPS telemetry.

Recommended emuFlight Build:

EmuFlight 0.3.4 contains the basic GHST protocol, excluding GPS sensors.

Updating, and Compatibility:

v1.0.4.0 remains compatible with all prior releases with respect to binding, and OTA firmware updates. It does however require that receivers are upgraded to v1.0.4.0, and without updating receivers, will not function.

To update the Ghost Transmitter, use the following tools:
Ghost Updater MacOS Edition v1.6
Ghost Updater Windows Edition v1.6

To upgrade receivers, rebind with the Bind+Setup option to both set the receiver protocol, and upgrade the Rx firmware.

Future binding may now be performed with the easier Bind option, which does not change Rx serial protocol, or any other Rx settings.


In order to take advantage of numerous stability enhancements in v1.0.4.0, be sure to BIND AT LEAST ONCE AFTER UPDATE.
Once this binding has been performed (for each receiver that you update), it will not need to be done again in the future.