EzAntennaTracker v2 – Second Generation Antenna Tracking

The second in a family of antenna trackers from the ImmersionRC team. Point high-gain antennas at FPV models using GPS-based telemetry data from the model itself.

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License-free, Serious range!

License-free 25mW 5.8GHz transmitters behave like much more powerful transmitters when a tracked antenna is deployed.

The narrow beams of directional antennas need to be pointed directly at the model, difficult to do manually, but easy with an antenna tracker.

 Greatly increases range and video quality for video gear
 Drives standard hobby servos for pan, and tilt
 Integrated LCD for setup and display of status screens
 Includes 3x buffered video outputs
 On-board control of ImmersionRC receivers

Receiver Control

The EzAntennaTracker v2 includes built-in control of receiver band, and channel, with direct readout of receiver frequency in MHz. This is possible through a single-cable connection between ImmersionRC Uno, and Duo receivers, and the antenna tracker.

Receivers mounted in difficult-to-reach antenna mounts may now be controlled remotely from the antenna tracker.

Upgrades via USB

As with most ImmersionRC products, the EzAntennaTracker v2 is equipped with a standard USB port, for firmware upgrades, and configuration, using the ImmersionRCTools application.

Telemetry Display

The EzAntennaTracker v2 displays all telemetry received from the model on it’s inbuilt display, including:

Battery Status: Battery voltage, current, and mAh consumed, all displayed in real time on the LCD.

GPS Position: Extremely useful in the case of a lost model. The current GPS position of the model is shown on the LCD, and is preserved when telemetry stops, or power is removed.

Uplink Status: When used with the EzUHF, the LCD can show the RSSI (Received Signal Strength) of the uplink, along with link quality.

Recover Lost Models

In the FPV Hobby, there is not much worse than loosing your model .

A model tracked with an antenna tracker has a very high probability of being found after an unexpected landing. The last known GPS coordinates, and altitude are displayed on the LCD, and are even preserved when groundstation power is cycled.

Enter the last known coordinates into the iTelemetryFPV (or Android equivalent) application on your smartphone, and follow the map to the model.

The Sky is the Limit

One part EzAntennaTracker v2, one part imagination (plus a little mechanical ingenuity),  and the sky is the limit.

This video shows a good example of an antenna tracking groundstation built around ImmersionRC technology.


Essential Specs, User Manuals, Firmware & Downloads


Retail Price ($USD): $99.00
Initial Release Date: Sept 2014
Max. Servo Supply Current: TBD
Power Requirements: 2s-4s LiPo (6v – 16v)
Power Consumption: ~100mA



(Unofficial – Full & final testing may not have been carried out on beta release firmware, use with caution!)

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