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Drone Racing in the Digital World


Bringing FPV racing to the PC/MAC screen


Unparalleled Integration Level

XuGong v2/Pro

Portable Photo-Quad


The Quad-Racing Game Changer...

XuGong v2/Pro

Foldable Aerial Camera Platform

XuGong v2/Pro

The Extreme Sports Quad

Uno2400 2.4GHz A/V Receiver



Selection Of Our Most Popular FPV Products


Who’s never dreamed of flying?!

Fly like a bird, without leaving the ground!

Since 2006, when vrflyer published his ‘Bromont Royal Golf Club‘ video, the ImmersionRC team have been hooked on this rapidly developing hobby. Our goal is simple, to develop products which give the wonderful sensation of FPV flight to the world. 10 years on, we are the world leader in high quality FPV equipment, and are just as passionate about the hobby as we were watching vrflyer’s video.

  • High quality video down-links

  • Reliable, long range control up-links

  • Custom Antennas

  • OSDs, and Telemetry

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Vortex Arm Alignment

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One issue reported by some early-adopters of the Vortex is ‘Yaw Slippage’. This doesn’t affect many quads, but for those that are affected, the information below should help to diagnose,…

Vortex – The Errata, Last minute Changes, Updates

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In any major new product release, there are last minute ‘hiccups’ which need documenting. The Vortex is no exception, although the hiccups so far have been pretty minor. So here…

LIFTOFF – Drone Racing in the Digital World

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Digital drones take flight The Belgian game developer LuGus Studios and drone manufacturers ImmersionRC and Fat Shark have teamed up to create Liftoff, the first video game that translates the rush…

EzUHF Firmware v1.52 (Beta)

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Version 1.52 of the EzUHF firmware is now available as a beta download.