Vortex 275 Pro Metall Danny Edition

2205 2000kV, 6" Props, CCD Camera, Titanium Hardware

TrampHV 5.8GHz

Racing Video Transmitter

Vortex 250 Pro

Ready to Fly Racing Drone!

Pimp It!

Black is so '90s, Personalize your 250 Pro!

Vortex 250 Pro, ARF Racer Redefined...

Vortex vs. Mclaren

World Drone Prix, Dubai, 2016


FPV Gaming with the Vortex taken to a new level...


Drone Racing in the Digital World


Bringing FPV racing to the PC/MAC screen


Ready To Fly Racing Drones

Vortex 250 Pro UmmaGawd Edition, Camera view

Vortex 250 UmmaGawd Special Edition

Selection Of Our Most Popular FPV Products


Who’s never dreamed of flying?!

Fly like a bird, without leaving the ground!

Since 2006, when vrflyer published his ‘Bromont Royal Golf Club‘ video, the ImmersionRC team have been hooked on this rapidly developing hobby. Our goal is simple, to develop products which give the wonderful sensation of FPV flight to the world. 10 years on, we are the world leader in high quality FPV equipment, and are just as passionate about the hobby as we were watching vrflyer’s video.

  • High quality video down-links

  • Reliable, long range control up-links

  • Custom Antennas

  • OSDs, and Telemetry

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Vortex 150 – Updates & Errata

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First Things First – Blade Version Default Tune This one is a bit embarrassing… we shipped one of the top racers (Chad Nowak, FGA) to China to personally test and…

Logos and Intros

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EzUHF firmware v1.53 setup guide

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EzUHF firmware v1.53 adds more customisation possibilities to lower the latency throughout all the transmission chain using several techniques: serial input to the Rx JR module from the remote SBus output…

Adding a Microphone to the Vortex 250

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The Vortex 250 PDB supports the connection of an external microphone, via the ‘Mic’ port, CN9. A second connector, the Ext. Tx connector may also be used (see the FPV.co.uk…